Hygiene & Health


Sterilization is the most important process in the management and treatment of animal by-products. We use method 1 pressure sterilization in all our three processing lines in accordance with Regulation EC 1069/2009. 

This means that the raw material is crushed to a particle size of 50 mm or less before the shredded material is heated in the sterilizer at 133°C (3 bar pressure). This is done for at least 20 minutes while the contents are stirred continuously.

Our strict quality standards ensure that the particle size is checked daily. This is done by measuring the gap width in the crushers with a template. A quality and machine operator is entrusted with the job of regular documentation of the particle size, temperature and pressure in this otherwise fully automated sterilization process.


At the second level of quality, we commission accredited laboratories to carry out quality control of the meat meals and fats produced. 

Test for salmonella, enterobacteria, bacterial count, clostridium perfringens and more are carried out regularly guaranteeing safe, hygienic and, perfect end products. A monthly review is done in addition to review the composition of the products.

Some of the specific parameters thar are checked in accredited labs include:

  • Weekly tests for salmonella
  • Weekly tests for enterobacteria and germ count
  • Monthly tests for Clostridium perfringens
  • Quarterly tests that present a complete and full analysis

Over and beyond this, samples are randomly taken from current production and sent for analysis to supervisory authorities.


The plant and transportation vehicles are cleaned and disinfected regularly. There is a standard procedure that is followed that ensures only DVG-listed compounds are used for disinfection. 

Vehicles are cleaned and disinfected after each unloading process and the wheels pass through disinfection trough when leaving the premises each time. Each instance of disinfection is documented.



The laboratory located at the sewage treatment plant is where all analysis and monitoring of the plant operations takes place. In addition to the raw material, processed end product and stages in between, we also ensure that samples of ground water, water treatment, and steam boiler are taken regularly to be analyzed to maintain safe levels at all times.

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