The fleet

Animal carcass collection vehicles, slaughterhouse waste collection vehicles, container vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, tank trucks, etc.

Our modern collection vehicles and container systems offer the best possible hygiene during collection and transport.

The special animal body collection vehicles used by the Schaap Company are unique in the Federal Republic of Germany and have the following advantages:

  • Completely sealed, liquid-tight stainless-steel superstructures that are loaded exclusively from above.
  • Two separate loading compartments for immediate sorting
  • Hydraulic loading cranes for loading large animals
  • Separate hydraulic loading system for loading standard waste containers of sizes from 240 - 1,100 L
  • High-pressure disinfection tank for on-site disinfection of vehicles and containers

Other special vehicles from the fleet:

Our fleet of collection vehicles is equipped with mobile data acquisition systems that ensure quick uptake of incoming orders. The closest vehicles receive new order within seconds and they are processed within minutes to guarantee you the fastest possible collection. With this system more than 80% of our orders are processed on the same day as registration.

To ensure proper functioning, tracking, and control, we have operating procedures that include:

  • Possibility of weighing directly on the truck
  • No pick-up without receipt
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